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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Therapy?

The answer can be lengthy, however in brief, therapy is a
special kind of relationship that exists in the office of the
therapist. The therapist helps you to work out your own
solutions, providing invaluable knowledge and experience
in the process.

What is the difference between Counseling and Therapy?

"Psychotherapy" and "counseling" are terms that are often
used interchangeably. Although they are very similar, there are
some subtle differences as well.

In the context of mental health, "counseling" is generally used to denote a relatively brief treatment that is focused
most upon behavior. It often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation and offers suggestions and advice
for dealing with it.

"Psychotherapy" on the other hand is generally a longer term treatment which focuses more on gaining insight into
chronic physical and emotional problems. It's focus is on the patient's thought processes and way of being in the world
rather than specific problems.

When do I need therapy?

When difficulties arise, tensions grow, depressed feelings take over, when anger and bad habits are so dominant that
are ruling your life, it is wise to find help. It is a sign of strength and self-respect to seek professional help.

When relationships fall apart, when a boss says that you are no longer needed on the job when you are grieving over
the sickness or death of someone in the family, these are times when you seeking a therapist is the right thing to do.

Therapy is valuable not only when you are upset, distressed or your situation seems overwhelming and too much to
bear but it is also valuable when you are entering into new relationships or situations where there are possible
problems or hazards that may be handled if anticipated.

What is the frequency of sessions?

Psychotherapy sessions are normally 50 minutes, once a week. It is sometimes in the client’s best interest to meet
more frequently. This is assessed on a case by case basis. Also, there may be a need to meet for extended sessions,
such as in Couples or Family therapy. These decisions are made collaboratively with clients. The fee will be adjusted

What happens in therapy?

The therapy process is work. It is work that you do with the help of an understanding, empathic professional who
listens carefully and well. It is a process that sometimes involves pain and requires courage. There may  be tears and
harsh words needed to accomplish some goals. The role of the therapist is not give you advice or  tell you what to do.
It is an effort, a major undertaking that you and the therapist do together.

When do I stop therapy?

In some cases the therapist and the client agree at the beginning of treatment that there will be a series of five, eight
or twenty sessions or a specified number of appointments considering the presenting issue/s.

In many other cases the series of appointments are open-ended, dependent upon the therapist and you deciding
about the appropriate time for termination.
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