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Services Provided
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Services Provided - Couples

Couples therapy will help couples to re-examine their relationship, the reasons why they decided to be together in the
first place, the reason for their present difficulties and the emotional, familial , parental ties that they have forge with
each other.

You may find that you both can modify your thinking and feelings, resolve your problems and recreate a relationship
that may fulfill your fondest dreams.

For those couples that their relationship is in big trouble and probably will not survive, therapy may help to dissolve
their relationship with the least possible amount of emotional damage to them and their children.

Marital enrichment is a term used for couples who are not in trouble, but they want to achieve higher levels of joy and
satisfaction in their relationship.

  • Learn/improve communication skills
  • Reduce conflict
  • Avoid re-creating your parents’ relationship
  • Move away from resentment
  • Examine underlying issues
  • Work on infidelity issues
  • Explore money conflicts
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